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"Curtain fabric" rational fought online marketing industry

2015-10-15 17:51:26 admin Read 900
In recent years, as people's living standards to increase, and for the pursuit of fashion, personality, tasteful decoration has become a people's pursuit of more. As part of the renovation of the house curtain, originally in the textile market in the humble profession, it is now also began to happen to become an important part of home decoration. Of course, it is driven by the development of the entire curtain fabric industry. We have a strategic vision of the industry at home is "build on the progress", an occasion curtain fabric of the Internet to achieve online and offline interaction, in order to promote the development of the whole industry.
Industry experts Zhengyue Ying in curtain fabric industry for many years and operates in Zhanjiang City Xiashan Ziyun department store. She said that with the curtain cloth industry gradually been driven up, competition in the curtain fabric industry is also gradually increased, gradually increase the rent for the small profits curtain fabric industry, it is even worse. More industries are looking for new development breakthrough. Development of the Internet to let her see the hope and opportunity. Internet and offline retailers, the store does not require line compared to the next, largely reducing the cost of corporate marketing, in addition, unlimited Internet wherever widespread, brand communication for the enterprise also played a very big role.
She said currently China curtain fabric industry enterprises of the few, there is the potential to open the market in the country is very few. To establish a corporate brand is quite difficult. Combined with its own characteristics curtains, in the short term in order to cover the store nationwide, it would require huge human, material and financial resources. The Internet era is different, to achieve the development of curtain fabric online through the Internet platform will be able to spread the traditional curtain fabric to national and even global. Currently, there are already a number of curtain fabric operator to join the site in the past. With consumer spending habits change and come to rely on the Internet, online marketing will gradually expand.
Analysis of the industry, combined with the traditional industries and the Internet has become a popular trend in the current market, it is an active transition to the market's move. With the continuous observation and development, combined with the traditional industries and the Internet are also more rational, more in line with its own characteristics. Curtains industry and development of the Internet makes indeed promote the development of the industry. With the continuous improvement of living standards, the curtain has risen from the sun, tools to protect the privacy of the great aesthetic value of crafts. Different colors, different sizes, different functions, to bring the feeling is not the same. Curtain fabric online marketing not only facilitated the transformation of the consumer, but also to the entire curtain fabric opened a new vision, a new direction.