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National cloth and soft with hundred brand list released

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In recognition of the outstanding performance of well-known brand enterprises, encourage enterprises to continue through reform, innovation, implementation of brand strategy, to achieve the transformation and upgrading, bigger and stronger, adapt and manage the development of the new normal, prosperous industry, branch of the National Federation of textile fabric, Guangdong Province Textile Association and the Shenzhen International Home Textiles Exhibition Organizing Committee has launched the "2015 (spring) Shenzhen International Textile Fabric & Home Decoration Exhibition hundred national fabric and soft with well-known brands Evaluation recommended activities."
National cloth and soft with hundred brand list released
 Judges by the National Federation of Chamber of Textiles Fabric club, the Guangdong Textile Association, retail, wholesale trade and vice president of the non-participating companies and directors. After the first round of primaries judges, the second round of the final assessment, adhering to the principles of fair and open justice, to make prudent, objective evaluation recommendation, now named the country's fabric and soft with hundred well-known brands: cloth brand 66 strong; shade Brand 10 strong; jewelry brand Top 8; curtain accessories brand Top 8; 8 strong wallpaper brand.
"Chinese home" hundred cloth and soft wear brand awards
National best-known brand cloth
Viagra Hangzhou Textile Co., Ltd.
Zhuhai City Hongye Home Textiles Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Zhida Textile Decoration Co., Ltd.
Textile Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Huajun
Co., Ltd. Zhuhai O'Brien Leib
Zhejiang and heart Textile Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou source Zhicheng Home Textiles Co., Ltd.
Foshan Jinhua Textile Industrial Company
Haining Textile Co., Kimberly-Clark
Foshan Molykote Home Fabric Co., Ltd.
Shunde District of Foshan City, Xinhua Long Textile Decoration Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Vision Textiles Co., Ltd.
Li Textile Co., Ltd. Zhejiang L
Shanghai Household Textile Co., according to Manqi
Dongxing Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City
Foshan City special-resistant Textile Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mondrian Hangzhou Textile Co., Ltd.
Beijing gifted Arts and Fashion Trading Company
Shenzhen Europe abundance of names Cloth Co., Ltd.
Haining City, thousands of Hui Weaving Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong Chi Health Ltd.
Zhe Jiang Tengchuan Home Development Co.
Beijing Xin Yada household items Ltd.
National cloth known brands
Foshan Yi Suolai Textile Decoration Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Tze Peng Wei cloth Ltd. - carving space
Beijing Bo put Furniture Manufacturing Co.
Ming-kai (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen style Erqian cloth Ltd.
Ole terbutaline Co., Ltd. Zhuhai City
Zhuhai City, the new Acer Fabric Co., Ltd.
Ko, of Hangzhou Textile Co., Ltd.
Shi Hua Technology textiles (Haining) Co., Ltd.
Foshan City, Jun fabrics Mining Co., Ltd.
Haining City, sunny color Bali Textile Co., Ltd.
Beijing Jinbo Xiangqi Bu Co., Ltd.
Taishan City, decorative textiles East Fitch Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Qiao Yun Ju color cloth Ltd.
Aaron Xin Textile Co., Ltd. Haining
Shaanxi Bao Shenghua Ting home Ltd.
Hempel Zhejiang home Ltd.
Hangzhou Aston Habitat cloth Ltd.
International Brand Management Ltd. in Hong Kong qualities
Haining Tai Lun Textile Co., Ltd.
Haining Hengli Fabric Co., Ltd.
Huang Daopo Hangzhou Textile Co., Ltd.
Sunny Textile Co., Ltd. of Guangdong
LANXESS International (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Zhejiang Rancho Santa Fe Home Textiles Limited
Zhejiang Kai Dabu Industry Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Welltex household items Ltd.
Haining Yulong Cloth Co., Ltd.
France England international family overall soft-mounted Ltd.
West An Meiyuan Trade Development Co., Ltd.
Haining Xucun Yiyi Bu Scotia textile business
Beijing Shenghai Xiao Hua Trading Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou cloth Central Asia Ltd.
Qingyuan City Lulu Textile Decoration Co., Ltd.
Foshan City won the Capuchin Arts Co., Ltd.
Haining City and the United States Trade Co., Ltd.
Cazenove textile accessories Industrial Co., Ltd.
Textile Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Sheng Feidan
Haining Shu Yada Textile Co., Ltd.
Rome International Holdings Limited of Hong Kong
Butch Haining Textile Co., Ltd.
Dongguan City, Jiang Yalan Decoration Industry Co., Ltd.
Shunde District of Foshan City, the United States and pear snow cloth Ltd.
National best-known brand curtain accessories
Dalian Dongli Technology textile companies
Dongguan City, Sha Tin PL decorative hardware factory
Shantou City Times Sunshine Curtain Products Co., Ltd.
Dalian Xin Feng Technology knit Ltd.
National curtain accessories well-known brands
Shantou City Hakata household goods cloth Ltd.
Nanhai District of Foshan City Fuyuan Stocks Co., Ltd.
Shantou Fei Fan Stocks Limited
Dongguan City Products Co., Ltd. curtain decorated home
National best-known brands smart shade
Shanghai Mingcheng Building Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. shade
Chong Ming Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong shade
Somfy China
Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Dua
Well-known national brands intelligent shade
West An Zhongyang Stocks Co., Ltd.
Shanghai famous Stocks Manufacturing Co.
Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd. Green Eagle
Landes Zhejiang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang sunny garden home Ltd.
Shenzhen Emperor Jia Zhen Technology Co., Ltd.
Well-known national jewelry brand
Shenzhen Development Co., Ltd. home tricks
Shenzhen Industry Co., Ltd. makes high home
Shenzhen Silu Huayu Floral Products Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Li furniture Shameng Culture Co., Ltd.
National Chi jewelry well-known brand
Shenzhen Datang Jewelry Co., one hundred million Habitat
Shenzhen Mei Qi Yajia home Jewelry Co.
Shenzhen Royal Kadi Ltd.
Guangzhou curtain Lan Ltd.
National wallpaper wall covering well-known brand
Zhuhai Lai wallpaper Ltd.
Show worship Di (Baoding) wallpaper Ltd.
Guangzhou Europe to send Qiangshi Ltd.
Shenzhen City Run Wanda Industrial Co., Ltd.
National wallpaper wall covering well-known brand
Shenzhen Masanori wallpaper Ltd.
Beijing gold wallpaper Shimei Cheng Development Co.
Guangdong Phoenix wallpaper Ltd.
Beijing Feng Germany and the US Building Materials Co., Ltd.