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Provincial cloth industry association founded

2015-10-15 17:53:31 admin Read 996
Newspaper September 10 (Reporter correspondent Bing Chen Jie Zhen true) today, Shandong Province, cloth industry association was formally established, will help enhance the country's Shandong fabric industry recognition and radiation.
Shandong rich fabric resources, a wide range of production and sales of fabric products is a large province, the existing fabric production, processing and marketing enterprises more than 5,000, with sales increasing year by year, but because of the imbalance between the development of the industry, management is not standardized, the lack of scientific planning, poor communication, lack of oversight mechanisms within the industry and other reasons, led to the province and the country as compared to developed provinces still a wide gap. In order to promote the province's cloth industry consolidation, extension and development of the city and the province Shengshi Dong Fang Jinan curtains curtain cloth over distribution and sales co-founded the backbone enterprises in Shandong Province cloth industry association. The establishment of the association, will push the cloth industry in Shandong Province to achieve overall development, and constantly promote the brand strategy, to develop measures to regulate the market order, and organize regular exchange of industry marketing, promotion Shandong cloth industry in the country's recognition and radiation.