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Home improvement industry innovation and development of curtain fabric Seminar held successfully

2015-10-15 17:54:34 admin Read 885
April 30, 2015, gathered in a new era · 2015 Guangdong curtain designer mutual trade exchange will be held in Haizhu District of Guangzhou China Sen Network Business School!
It is reported that the exchange initiated by Guangdong, Zhejiang, Malaysia, Myanmar, Shandong, Keqiao, South China Sea and other places of the curtains of the industry elite, and invited the leading domestic and international training institutes new era curtain head, CEO, electricity providers, training and other elite institutions as a special guest to attend, you went to the site to continue to develop innovative interpretation of curtain styles, traditional curtain making and brand management conflicts, cloth electricity providers threat, O2O how to break the electricity supplier imprisonment, dealers mode under the form of new markets and other sharp change topics. More interactive sessions, allowing you to speak freely, to make friends, not as a resource and worry, as there is no market and no longer worry. 12: 00--13:! 00, all participants arrived at the scene attendance and receive the organizers carefully prepared gift reporters also invited to attend the event, with many industry elite who witnessed the seventh exchange of technological innovation holding!
Key record of the meeting, in appreciation of the world's best and hottest dance assistant, the special guest on stage one by one, as we share new ideas industry, the process, the audience questions the guests enthusiastically spoke perfect interaction so that the whole conference to achieve better results !
First, a new era curtain training institutes Wang 2015 for the latest production methods villa curtains, how much faster and more perfect to complete the design work carried out discussions with how to mix a little color to you parse! Focused shop and curtains have been based student system of explanation, for a variety of duplex buildings, villas curtains production details, professional guidance, cutting drawing, production design, how to save cloth! reduce costs! Everyone expressed their thoughts! last match by the color Tong teacher summarize 2015 spring and summer color theme, red and gray and black to match the most appropriate vigor yellow pollen yellow summer color is essential, it is the main core of fashion colors. Red persimmon, papaya color, apricot and clementine oranges and more elegant and more elegant yellow color brings a more mature charm of color.
Then a new era invited lecturer Xu, for now on the market, curtain shop how to operate, how to grasp the passenger made a deep analysis! Auto mode transition in the form of new market hot spot! Curtain shop how to do 24 hours is not closing Business!
End of the meeting, we will usher in a (new curtains era training institutions) Gala dinner, has become a harmonious and comfortable relaxed exchange places, the guests were like friends in general, and chat own market view for the industry at the same time enjoy the food, and as a communication platform for exchanges, so that mutual exchange to its name!