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Fabric sofa and maintenance of small details

2015-10-15 17:42:35 admin Read 1091
Fabric sofa comfortable texture and temperament Lightness by many families like it, but it also makes food special materials can not start up, if not handled properly, not only become dirty, but also relatively easy to damage, greatly affect the fabric sofa in overall home landscape to create artistic effect, following on from the small series introduced a few conservation tips.
      1, anti-soiling
      Fabric sofa after purchase, it is best to spray a cloth cleaning agents, to prevent dirty water adsorption. Such as silicon-fog agent market, with dust effect, spray once a month.
      2, in addition to dust
      Fabric fibers stuck dust and dirt easily. Beat with a dry towel to remove dust, and then wet towel wipes surfaces. If the vacuum cleaner, dust would be better, but do not use suction brush to prevent damage to the threads on textile fabrics, to avoid large suction, it may cause weave line snapped. Can be mounted on flat-type vacuum cleaner to suck the head, will be adjusted to the strong suction, remove sofa slit in the dust. Either way, arm of the sofa, cushions and crannies all need to focus on cleaning the site.
      3, anti-wear
      To extend the life of the fabric, sofa cushions can be turned for conversion, once a week should be flipped, so wear uniform; or use shields or Artex head restraints to reduce the friction of the fabric directly and contamination. Pilling fabric sofa to sit for a long time, it should be removed with a small pair of scissors; if found loose thread, not hand snapped, use scissors to neatly cut to the flat.
      4, anti-sun
      Cloth to avoid direct sunlight for a long time, prevent color fade, fabric elastic weakened.
  5, be careful ironing
      Screed should pay attention to some elastomeric sheath is easy to dry iron-free, even when pressed to consider the appearance of the fabric, thus iron inside of the jacket better.
  6, the election Dry Cleaning
      Such as stained with dirt, velvet sofa not cleaning the bathroom, you should use PCE. Fabric sofa sofa or smudges can use carpet cleaning agents, with a clean cloth dipped in a small amount of the agent, repeatedly wiping dirty place, until the stain removal. To avoid leaving the blot, the best stain wiped from the periphery. Never scrub a lot of water to avoid water infiltration sofa lining, causing a sofa inside the framework of damp, deformation, but also easy to breed mold.
      To maintain a clean cloth sofa, should avoid the use body with perspiration, stains and dust on sitting on the furniture, in order to ensure the life of the sofa.