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Hankou North curtains World Order will come to an end more than two thousand businessmen participate turnover amounted to 500 million

2015-10-15 17:50:50 admin Read 1020
2015 World order will be curtains North Hankou ended, orders for a period of 2 days will reach 50 million down payment, the turnover is expected to exceed 500 million. Hankou North curtains World has become central China's largest curtain jewelry trading platform, its goods and radiation influence has been far and Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Anhui and other places.
Hankou North curtains World Order will come to an end more than two thousand businessmen participate turnover amounted to 500 million
Two thousand businesses ganchang spring orders
Compared to last year, this year the number of guests come to order doubled, but also attracted more Hunan, Henan, Anhui and other neighboring provinces customers, good service, elegant shopping environment and convenient transportation both to make to order customer satisfaction. "Now the store hanging like a complete, fully showcase the latest design styles, fabric, style, good shopping environment, customer looks more likely to feel the effect." Hankou North curtains World on the fourth floor a merchant introduced the brand in Hanzhengjie also have stores, but the environment and patterns are limited, it is difficult to fully demonstrate product performance, do hanging like limited space. Since moving to North Hankou last year, improve service levels and improve the condition of the hardware, so that businesses can show its mettle, was also assured that customers buy.
It is reported that the two-day spring orders will be remarkable, product type, style, turnover, customer base so than in previous years has been significantly improved. Far hanging like it, it covers the latest sources, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Haining the three wholesale markets, a lot of the neighboring provinces of guests have been attracted to. There are business description, each store was only against his old customers open orders, the large-scale orders will let you share resources, the two sides both merchants and customers to choose more.
The first overall soft-mounted to build Central Market
It is reported that North Hankou curtains Textile City a total construction area of ​​50,000 square meters, a total of 750 shops, has become central China's largest and most comprehensive professional large curtain cloth market, four large markets settled in business more than 400 households, Mainly engaged in curtain fabric and related accessories. This year's autumn trade fair will be held on September 8. "Curtain is one of the technical content of the highest category of software installed in the market, before the product is sold, it is now more focused on providing software installed through-train service." Hankou North curtains World relevant person in charge, next year plans to build a whole soft-installed market , small curtains single product, large soft-mounted fabric design, decoration and other software installed will be covered by a series of business scope, to facilitate more customers one-stop shopping needs.
In fact, North Hankou settled curtains World where many businesses have seen the industry grow. Yesterday, Hankou North curtains Industry Association vice president of the unit in charge of a person, curtain industry, commonly known as the old business model is to sell a few pieces of cloth, but are now more focused on providing design services solutions. One of the team of designers has dozens of stores, customers can provide the entire program family software installed from style design, style, fabric and so can offer more choice, which will be the new direction of development of the industry.
Expand the traditional business electricity supplier channels
Currently, under the hot trend of the electricity supplier, Hankou North will also accelerate the expansion of the business electricity supplier channels to help traditional businesses quickly transition to electricity suppliers, in addition to seeking a second market outside the store. Reporters learned that, at present, e-commerce company in the Hankou North organization, this year will have more than 5,000 family businesses expand online market. "The traditional business store well, many people want to transition the electricity supplier but limited technical and business management, Hankou North will help businesses at the lowest possible cost rapid transformation, businesses only need to do product system, we will help businesses parity pricing and maintenance management. "Xu Jianfeng, general manager of North Hankou introduction of e-commerce Co., will help businesses achieve a 50 million, 200 merchant sales reach 20 million or more within three years.
A merchant Hankou North curtains World, said the wholesale electricity suppliers to do the whole goods, fast delivery, logistics costs Hanzhengjie previous high storage costs are high, it is difficult to cast in the wholesale business. North Hankou market today facilitate traffic, as well as logistics and distribution platform, to start the electricity supplier to an advantage and more confidence.