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2015 Chinese brand cloth Spring Fair grand opening

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Pour fabric of Chinese power, Huajin universal exhibition. March Yangchun, universal good cloth, reproduction Yuhang! March 6 - 8, by the China Household Textile Industry Association, Yuhang District People's Government organized a three-day "2015 China Brand Fabric and Accessories (Spring) Exhibition" in Chinese brand heavy cloth Exhibition Center debut, The exhibition has 10 million people cloth grand event, the reproduction Huajin stacked together, the scene full house of guests prosperity for the Chinese brand fabric base Adds new clothes! Chinese brand fabrics and accessories exhibition development so far, has successfully held three, it is to show the strength of the cloth for the whole industry brand enterprise arena, but also the platform for industry-wide exchange of cross-border cooperation.
2015 Chinese brand cloth Spring Fair grand opening
On this basis, this exhibition committed to innovation, bright scene! Of more than 600 exhibitors, including special equipment brand 340, 260 standard booths participating brands. The exhibitors will bring their new blockbuster debut, in the "never-ending" basis and then show a new look. Organizers also will integrate the advantages of resources, for merchants to provide multi-category product, multi-channel cooperation, and full-service.
2015 Chinese brand cloth Spring Fair grand opening
Zhejiang textile enterprises mostly curtain cloth, sand release based products, enterprises stop production, product design and development on their own, on this basis, in order to accelerate the effective integration of the textile industry advantage of resources, China is committed to brand cloth Exhibition Center Bile explore cross-border cooperation between different sectors, the share of furniture channel, expand channels of jewelry, interior designers develop channels, the national fabric retail channels and other initiatives. Provide new, best all-round service for the whole industry, and to promote cooperation, the domestic textile industry, communication, win-win, and promote the healthy development of the domestic textile industry brand fabric, to create a complete home industry chain, to achieve transformation and upgrading of the industry to contribute .
2015 Chinese brand cloth Spring Fair grand opening
The same day, Mr. Lu Wenlong cloth City chairman accepted the scene the media group's visit:
2015 Chinese brand cloth Spring Fair grand opening
[Media]: We know that the city of two brand fabric in the construction of them, so I want to ask the city fabric brand in 2015 with a strategic layout?
[Lu Wenlong]: This is the fourth exhibition, the August 2015 two brand fabric city will be officially opened, when the total exhibition area will reach 150,000 square feet, it will be the largest area of ​​the exhibition, will be It is the largest and highest grade of the most worth visiting the exhibition. Next brand fabric will continue to improve the development of the city, then there will be settled from the brand around the world, the future of the city will continue to fabric designer brand service and help to improve the attractiveness of the brand, in order to achieve a wholly The best goal of a world city fabric. There is also the trend of smart home because now the whole home is very obvious, so the city is also slowly introduce cloth wallpaper, flooring, furnishings, small appliances and other products to meet consumer demand for integrated home.
[Media]: You can introduce some of the highlights of the exhibition and specialty?
[Lu Wenlong]: The biggest feature of our exhibition is optional fabric resources are saturated, many designers view the exhibition after the said cloth over the world can be found here, and now the brands and companies to develop products based on both Very important, so the design of enterprise resource actually is the world's best, and our exhibitors are all equipped with the best design resources to serve us. So we have here the products in terms of quality or design, are very good.
[Media]: We know that there is a design base fabric city, this base is mainly to do what?
[Lu Wenlong]: Fabrics city's design bases are listed as key design base, we are mainly for some designers provide students with a platform to support the culture, to provide some hands-on learning experience for them, but also bring some publicity for our city fabric effects and resources accumulated some future designers, get win-win results.