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Smart curtains to promote the future development trend of life based energy harvesting

2015-10-15 17:53:54 admin Read 817
With the development of science and technology, human hands was a large degree of liberation. It is the origin of the concept of intelligent good indication of this. Smart makes life more convenient, as originally as a blackout curtains and privacy but also because of a reference to the motor, more convenient to use. With the smart home concept gradually popular, electric curtains curtains intelligent even more accepted by people. Electric curtains products not only to achieve the electrification through infrared, radio remote control or timer control automation and the use of sunlight, temperature, wind electronic sensors, the product of intelligent operation. Only in the market, many consumers still can not accept the same curtain material, add your motor going over 10,000 yuan. But intelligent home is still a future trend.
Efforts to promote small electric curtains
The first is the emergence of intelligent curtains electric curtains, you can use the key or remote control to achieve the curtains opening and closing, or lift, no longer need to do it. In Europe and other developed countries, it has been widely applied electric curtains. 10 years ago, electric curtains have been entering the country, may have been no major promotion, which two years, with declining continuously improve electronic control technology and prices, electric curtains heat was making a comeback.
Electric curtains wide range depending on the operating mechanism and decorative effect, divided into series of electric opening and closing curtains, electric lift curtain series, electric ceiling screens, electric sun visor, electric awning and other series, particularly as venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman curtain, style screens, cellular screens and so on. From the form it can be divided into electric opening and closing curtains, electric shutter, electric blinds, blackout shutter guide rails and other. In actual deployment and applications, electric opening and closing curtains, lamps highest price movements screens, people use most.
The average family is much better to buy electric curtain
Visited Zhongshan market can be found, many large brands have curtains electric curtains, mainly in the electric opening and closing curtains and blinds main lift. Sales personnel, electric curtains opening and closing system includes motor systems, control systems, rail systems and decorative curtains, etc., drive motor system currently used are DC and AC two ways. DC motors generally use internal or external power adapter, the drive power is generally small, the curtains can load lighter, less noise; AC motor is not only applicable to a wide, bright windows, and is applicable to curved and irregular windows , electric curtains use of this motor.
Although there have been a few years electric curtains, but the family customer actually purchased or to relatively strong economic capacity, such as house decoration and other selected more, the average family rarely. "Electric curtains curtains in the selection of the same case, add a motor to be more expensive over 10,000 yuan, many customers still think it is not very cost-effective."
Smart curtain has three main features
Electric curtains is the earliest smart curtains, intelligent technology with the progress, more and more functions intelligent curtains. It has a certain regulation, self response, the control function of the curtain. You can automatically adjust the light intensity, air humidity, temperature, etc. According to the balance of indoor environments, its three main features is intelligent light control, intelligent rain control, intelligent control and other wind.
Guangzhou electric curtains products not only to achieve a motorized, automated via infrared, radio remote control or timing control, and the use of the sun, temperature, wind and other electronic sensors, the product of intelligent operation.
The future direction of smart curtains
With the gradual improvement of smart curtains, curtain function has been more and more, now have light curtains, soundproof curtains, energy curtains, stealth curtains. Curtains will have in terms of energy efficiency, power generation and some development, maybe in the near future, the curtains can be used as a tool to collect energy, and be able to convert light into electricity.
Light curtains from Japan developed from a photoreceptor which is installed between the window glass and curtains, when the light reaches a certain level, will be able to convert light energy into electrical energy, so that the curtain automatically upgrade or landing, thereby ensuring indoor always in the proper light conditions.
United States to develop and produce a new type of acoustic curtains, which is composed of a series consisting of long thin soundproofing. From one side to the other side of the curtain, capable of forming a continuous acoustic channel, which can effectively play the role of soundproof. This is for people living in the downtown can be said to be a boon, especially the Pearl River Delta region population density is increasing.
Britain launched an energy-saving curtain rolled, it is made of high strength adhesive thin polyester fabric and aluminum foil with a reflective performance from the energy saving is the main principle on an aluminum foil coated with a protective layer, so that the indoor and outdoor heat to reduce 50% or more.